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Day 12: Walk

Editor’s Note: Former DCSC volunteer, Matthew Fichter, reflects on the gift of a walk, taking a moment to pause and slow down. He shares of the simple, yet often overlooked, act of walking can help us to grow closer to the Lord in slowing down and trusting His steady guiding hand.  Perhaps for some, life…

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Day 2: Unknown

Editor’s Note: In the second day of our Advent blog series, DCSC Volunteer Fede Wettstein embraces the Unknown, contemplating the beauty of God’s grace beyond our sight or knowledge.  We find comfort in knowledge. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power.” There are things that we are aware that we know, the known knowns, and…

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Day 1: Invitation

Editor’s note: During Advent, we invite you to join the FMS family as we journey toward Christmas with a new blog series: “¡Miren cuántas luces! Look at all the lights!” In this first post of the series, Associate Director Meghan Meros invites readers to try a kind of spiritual stargazing that views darkness–rather than light–as…

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